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In consideration of my participation in the Wiesbaden Racquetball Open, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims that I may have against the tournament organizer, and their respective agents, representatives, successors, and assigns for any and all injuries or damages, whether caused by negligence of the above or otherwise. I also acknowledge the potential risk of eye injury during competition and can provide certification in writing that my protective eye guards (including prescriptive frames/lenses) conform with all standards specified by the ERF rules. By registering to compete in this event, I release all rights to the use of event photographs in which my image appears. The organizers retain the right to cancel the event, or take certain safety precautions in case circumstances require it.

Entry list:
01. Allen, Cameron (USA)
02. Archibald, Kyle (USA)
03. Behrmann, Nadine (GER)
04. Breese, Bobbie (USA)
05. Dolce, Thomas (USA)
06. Dotti, Veronika (BOL)
07. Drew, Allen (USA)
08. Frederick, John (USA)
09. Goeddel, Hans (GER)
10. Hartmann, Renate (GER)
11. Hodges, Anthony (USA)
12. Jeffries, Mike (USA)
13. Kavanagh, Damien (IRE)
14. Klopp, John (USA)
15. Lünsmann, Marcel (GER)
16. Martinez, Fermin Jr. (USA)
17. Martinez, Moises (USA)
18. Marquardt, Jessika (GER)
19. Meador, Ryne (USA)
20. Meißner, Sascha (GER)
21. Mesecke, Mike (GER)
22. Miller, Cory (USA)
23. Nadler, Russell (USA)
24. Nguyen, Tuy (USA)
25. Paco, Cristian (USA)
26. Pehl, Jerel (USA)
27. Ruiz, Ernesto (BOL)
28. Scheffler, Marc (GER)
29. Schipper, Edwin (NED)
30. Selent, John (USA)
31. Sharp, Jon (USA)
32. van Zanten, Mikan (NED)
33. Zimmermann, Chris (GER)